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October 1 / Fashion Accessories
September 28 / Fashion Accessories

Sometimes, a girl needs to rise above the reptilian creatures under foot and literally lift her spirits. It’s so hard to…

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September 26 / Fashion Accessories

Dear designers: Can we stop with the heels and little socks already? This is not doing anyone any good. Image:

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September 21 / Collections

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. And in case you’ve forgotten, home is where the shoe closet…

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September 17 / Collections

I’ve been watching the Spring/Summer 2012 shows with one eye. The other is firmly on FW11, because the cool September breezes…

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September 6 / Collections

It’s that time of year – time to start things up again and time to put on a few extra layers.…

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August 1 / Collections
July 23 / Collections

So apparently, it’s been cool in London this season. You can always give off heat. Plus, you now have a reason…

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July 22 / Fashion and Film

These give a whole new meaning to the phrase, killer heels. They’d work well with the jewellery from Eina Ahluwalia’s Wedding…

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June 18 / Collections

Your inner Cleo will love these wrap-around reptilian roadsters. Not that you will actually want them to touch the road, of…

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June 7 / Collections

I was never trained on runners – trainers in some parts of the world. I’m not sporty like that. But sometimes,…

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That sound you heard? Me. Fainting. You know about my affinity for Alaïa , ya? Well, these infinitely fed that need.…

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