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January 9 / Fashion and Music

Here’s a better shot of the Union Jack jacket I mentioned yesterday. It’s the result of a collaboration between Alexander McQueen…

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January 8 / Fashion and Music
December 22 / Fashion and Music

He strummed to the beat of a different drum. He voiced what we so often couldn’t. He wore cool from within.…

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December 15 / Fashion and Music
December 14 / Ad Campaigns

I would like one of these for Christmas, please – and by one, I mean the older gentleman. Bryan Ferry and…

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December 13 / Fashion and Music
December 9 / Fashion and Music
December 2 / Déjà Vu
November 30 / Fashion and Music
November 28 / City Style
November 24 / Fashion Accessories
November 8 / Fashion and Film
October 27 / Fashion and Music

I’ve written many a post in the past about the connection between fashion and music. There’s a reason for that. The…

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October 17 / Collections

It was 1987. My first fashion show. Steven Levy’s Festival of Canadian Fashion. Joyce Gunhouse and Judy Cornish were showing their…

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September 7 / Fashion and Music

Happy Birthday, Ms. Hynde. This photo is from 1979, but very au courant, no? Looking good is really black and white…

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