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April 16 / Déjà Vu

Sometimes, my dears, my worlds collide in the best possible way. And sometimes, that collided and collaborative world makes total sense.…

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Elegance. Grace. Glamour. These words are sprinkled haphazardly in our modern fashion lexicon; descriptive ingredients in an already over-spiced stew of…

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March 18 / Art Exhibitions
February 27 / Art Exhibitions
October 5 / Collections
February 6 / Fashion Exhibitions
November 5 / Fashion Exhibitions

While the fashion as art debate continues, so do the fashion exhibitions in global museums. I’ve been covering museum exhibitions, whether…

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January 4 / Fashion Exhibitions
January 3 / Fashion Exhibitions

You have a handful of days left to catch closet exhibitionist Daphne Guinness, a fraction of whose wardrobe is on display…

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September 15 / Fashion Exhibitions
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