Pre-Falling for McQueen’s Victorian Dream

If there is perfection in this world, then it surely must look like this.

It’s London, 19th Century. Mossy cobblestones glisten with rain.

A heeled boot steps out of the carriage, a long leather-clad hand reaches for the rail, luxurious Italian wool kimono sleeves skim the steps.

Scent brushes by and the brim of the hat tilts just so. Drama emerges.

am kimono suit pre-fall 09
Suits me just fine.

This is Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2009.

Just when I think he can’t possibly outdo Tundra, or Hitchcock or floating Kate, he takes my breath away. Again.

Abigail Aldred (or some impossibly Victorian name that our heroine answers to) must change before she goes riding this afternoon. Which ensemble shall it be?

The tiered riding coat, the colour of wet country earth with rain-soaked plum flowers…

Tiers of Joy
Tiers of Joy
Just Dandy, foxy mama.
That’s just dandy, foxy lady.

…or the haute highland jacket and fox stole…with (gush) jodhpurs…

The impossibility of choosing one for an afternoon could make a girl gothically pale.

Guests arriving for tea shortly? Quick change does the trick for Abigail or any modern fabulous creature…

Knee Tea Sweetie
Knee Tea Sweetie

Busy day of empire building?

I'm impressed, Empress.
I’m impressed, Empress.

…or did I get the days mixed up? Right, BlackBerry says Friday am – curate surreal exhibit at the Tate Modern.

Blackberry Beauty
Blackberry Beauty

Followed by cocktails with the literati on the Left Bank across the River…

Uncovering all angles.
Uncovering all angles.

…but life is not all angles and structure, my dears.

Sentiments swirl around us and romance reigns supreme.

Dancing and romancing...
Dancing and romancing…

The hat tips. The lights dim. The gloves are off.

I yearn for the life this wardrobe demands. Full stop.

Photos courtesy of Captions by Jyotika.

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