Oscars 2009 Red Carpet…

SJP – It’s Oh-ver – SJP, please don’t buy anymore pouffy dresses or Manolos. Your red carpet moment has long passed. Is it bad when a former fashion icon copies a teen star? Barely mint Dior Haute Couture is not bearable pour moi. 81st_parkers_02


Evan Rachel Wood – Stark contrast – Not a fan of the peach blush dress, but I will say she has cleaned up since MM. 81st_woode_02

And I loved the contrast of the handwriting tattoo at the nape of her neck with the girly dress and updo. Modern grace, that detail.

Ann Hathaway – When contrasts don’t work – You are a beautiful girl, but the makeup is always harsh. Stop it. You need blush. More of it. Wear some jewels and please don’t wear strapless unless you can fill the gaps.

Robin Wright Penn – LBD – Stands out tonight, because there isn’t that much black. The dress is Vivienne Westwood-esque, cap sleeved and bias cut. She wears it well. Lovely locks and gams, too…

81st_rourkem_03Mickey Rourke – Sweet but scary – I love the JPG white suit – just on someone else, please. No other standouts as yet in the men’s department.

Is Johnny coming ? Ooh, he would look good in JPG…



Photos courtesy of Oscar.com

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