Oscars 2009 Red Carpet…end of the carpet run

Peter Gabriel – Grandprops – Loved that he refused to perform for a blip of a second and that he wore a three-quarter length black Nehru collar jacket. Supporter of causes before it was the hip thing to do. (I would have loved to see him on stage with A. R. Rahman especially in their matchy suits! – unlike John Legend who rudely walked away immediately after the song was done. A. R. Rahman is the legendary one, dears.)

Brandie – Otherwise known as Brangelina – Over branded, over hyped, overt. That’s a lot of overs. And the big B on Brandie is for boring. Oh, and Brad, you are NOT Robert Redford. Not even close.

Marion Cotillard – French flair – The most perfect French twist and lovely makeup. Finally, a woman who isn’t afraid of lipstick – I’m always a sucker for burgundy lipstick. Merci madame. There are lot of belts on the carpet this evening. I have been obsessed with belts for the past few seasons. Can`t get enough of them. Dior rules tonight, non?

Marion Cotillard at the Oscars 2009 on Exshoesme.com

Marion Cotillard 2 at the Oscars 2009 on Exshoesme.com

Blingless – B, some women know how to dress. You are not one of them. You tried a simple pony with no jewels and blew it all on the mermaid number. If you had picked a Calvin Klein column with that minimalism effort, I would give you props. No guts, no glory. Oh oh oh….

Kate Winslet – Divinity – Breathtaking YSL payne’s grey and black one shoulder number. Need a closer look, but great fit and it’s achingly graceful on our dear Kate. And that hair – oh that hair – modern to the nth degree and she rocks it. Perfect diamond drops, too – they move and the hair doesn’t. Delish.

Kate Winslet at the Oscars 2009 on Exshoesme.com

Kate Winslet 2 at the Oscars 2009 on Exshoesme.com

Tilda Swinton – Brilliance personified – I know so many people will pan it, but to me, it is precisely these risk takers who make the evening worthwhile.

Her hair is blonder and a perfect match to the top half of the dress. Bottom is black. All of it is frilly in the right places and drapy in all the others. Red lips. She gets it right so often.

Just found out this is a two-piece Lanvin creation. Love how she and Monsieur Elbaz have taken the one shoulder trend and twisted it literally in a knot over one shoulder with no skin. Now I just need Cate.

I think this is my favourite, after all. No offence to Freida.


Photos courtesy of Oscar.com

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