Oscars 2009 Red Carpet…on your mark, get set…

Just got home from a lovely girly day with B. What was supposed to be a jaunt to a vintage sale turned out to be a tour of the dumping ground of someone’s old, dirty clothes from Club Monaco and shoes from 9 West. So we traded downtown for uptown-ish and went for high tea.

Picked up the *fresh* March Vogue. That’s a special moment in friendship, dears – an annual fashion milestone – shared together. More on that and fashion night with the girls, as it approaches.

Rushed home to make it in time for the big O. Right, there are lot of big Os these days. I, of course, mean the Oscars – and the red carpet in particular. Flicking back and forth between channels and mediums, both TV and online.

Keep watching this space….live posts as we see the blitz, the baubles, the Bollywood, along with yes, the Hollywood beauties.

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