Toronto…style? Take one.

It was a distinct feeling of being in this city – Toronto. In fact, it couldn’t be more Toronto. Saturday afternoon, wind chill factor in the unmentionable digits, the non-bustle of Yorkville in the winter, everyone scurrying indoors.

I, too, ran for cover and café crème at Le Pain Quotidien after a successful pre-Spring haircut. (On the subject of successful hair-do-wells, Daniel Fung is not quite Michael Barnett, but if the latter is still jet-setting in London-town, what’s a girl to do?)

They say it happens when you least expect it. I settled in with a tartine, dreaming of the LPQ in Paris and there it was – international style all over our very own Toronto streets.

My first sighting was the tall gentleman crossing the street, with a determined walk. Clad in full-on black, leather bomber (brave soul) and elongated boots with an over-exaggerated, upturned toe.

Major Maharajah-ness
Major Maharajah-ness

Was there an Indian maharajah in his lineage? That man’s wardrobe comes with a soundtrack – a good one.

Just as I waxed nostalgic for the King’s Road, the aesthetic shifted. A 50-something couple sat at the table across from me. The woman had impeccable Japanese style.

Spacy and Earthy Persis
Spacy and Earthy Persis

Wide grey ankle grazing (Yamamoto?) pants, muddy, mustardy brown (CDG?) tunic with a tube ringed collar – this is what Persis Kembata surely must have worn post-Star Trek?

Flat buckled, non-mainstream black boots. If they were Westwood, they’d have a Victorian heel, so I am guessing Costume or Bottega, but certainly not Prada. That would be too pedestrian, here. Short, grey asymmetrical hair. Rectangular eye-frames, horizontally spliced in black and banana yellow. All of it, effortless and spectacular for a Saturday stroll.

The gentleman sported jeans and a black turtleneck, not daring to compete with his wife’s sartorial ways, but holding his own in a Norman Mailer meets Lloyd Cole sort of way.

More in Part Two

Shoe image courtesy of Bata Shoe Museum: Persis image via IMDB. 

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