Toronto…style? Take two.

Was there a sale? Echoes of the Japanese look followed me all over Bloor Street.

Three women – all with ankle grazing, pleat-less, wide pants and flat boots – all on one Saturday afternoon. In Toronto…not the Tuileries.

The Yohji Look SS 09
The Yohji Look SS 09

Speaking of French beauty, one glided in with two teenage daughters in tow, as I sank my teeth into goat cheese drizzled with Provencal honey. What is it about French style that elegantly announces itself upon arrival into a room? It’s a fragrance, a breeze off the Côte d’Azur.

Long black alpaca wool coat, detachable, fox collar tied with a wide satin bow, loosened and tossed gently on the back of a rustic chair.

Flat boots (déjà vu). Brown, goldy expressionist print blouse (Marni or Prada – B would know for sure). And the pièce de résistance…a black velvet ribbon-tied medallion.

That one piece of jewellery brought me back to Michaela Bercu in Lacroix Couture for Ms. Wintour’s first editor-in-chic cover in November, 1988 (shot by uber-snapper Ellen von Unwerth) – also memorable for the first time jeans appeared on the cover.

Marvellous Michaela in Loaded Lacroix

In another life, I want the grace and style of a French woman. In another life, I’d like to spend a day with Ms. Wintour.  For now, I’ll settle for stylish Saturdays in T.O.

Thanks to Bellazon for the pics of the MB Vogue cover.

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