La Dolce Vita on Bloor Street

Spotted on Bloor Street this sunny Saturday was none other than Food Network Celeb Chef, David Rocco and his wife, Nina. David and I must travel in the same circles (except when he’s in Firenze of course because sadly, that life has yet to find me). I’ve seen him around this city on a number of occasions and the man is always dressed impeccably in perfect Italian cajh.

Picture it. Sunny spot on Bloor. Wife and prams in tow. Aviators. Brown leather jacket, orange and khaki accents. Engaged in animated conversation with his wife and a friend they had run into on the street. Lots of warmth and good energy.

I was on my way to meet friends of my own…and it was one of those city sound bites. As I passed them, I heard their friend talking about Twitter. Having a slight Twitter addiction myself, I smiled. When I Twittered his name today to potentially follow him to food-topia and Florence, I discovered that it was the Globe and Mail’s Amy Verner he was chatting to. Just read her piece on Andre Benjamin that morning.

Small world. Great style.

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