Maximum Strength Spring

We know that colours are vibrant this Spring, echoing everything from the pastels of ice cream flavours to the much preferred jewel and spice tones.

Also flowing this season is the maximum length dress. It’s a little less casual now, and a lot more worldly.


Drama delivered at Gucci
Drama delivered at Gucci
Breezing Easy at Gucci
Breezing Easy at Gucci




















Gucci’s Spring breeze happens to be off the grass huts of Bora Bora or Fiji. The economy won’t allow the airfare, but we can escape via Frida’s imagination.

Moroccan markets and Mediterranean seas beckon at Halston.

Bursting with flavour at Halston

Monsieur Gaultier takes us to the Southwest US in cactus green silk, sashaying softly in the desert sand in flats, of course.

To me, the collection also echoes South America especially in this matchstick print maxi. Peru, personified.


The world tour continues with a jaunt to the beaches of Goa from Gauri and Nainika, which reminds me of the fresh juice stalls all over India, or the snow cones by the beach in flavours of summer.


Gaultier brings it all home to Paris, for Hermès with this crisp maxi on Stephanie Seymour, nodding to another big trend for Spring black and white.


Perfect for our return to reality. We may not be able to travel the world, but we can go to great lengths to remain optimistic.

Gauri and Nainika image: IANS photo by Amlan Paliwal. All other images from

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