Déjà Vu: Dean and Dan vs. Dan and Dean

Before there was Dsquared2, and before Milan, there were two Canadian boys who designed for a then-Canadian based conservative fashion house, called Ports International (now reincarnated as the fashion forward Ports 1961 label based in China).

As a young girl, I purchased this Ports International skirt, a label designed by Dean and Dan Caten at the time. Quality, fabric and its classic feel were what drew me to it. That, and being a full circle skirt, the drama with which it moved as I walked. I’ve always liked fashion drama.

The other day, I saw a flash of Black Watch tartan peeking out of my closet and decided that a long, flowing skirt would work for work  (no rain, sleet or snow to speak of but still cold enough to wear wool).

Ports International skirt by Dean and Dan Caten, late 1980s
The drama of the full circle

What gave me even more pleasure in wearing it, was knowing that the boys loved that piece so much, they reinvented it for their Dsquared2 label a few seasons ago. This time it was with less circle, equal drama.

Dsquared2 Fall 2006
Dsquared2 Fall 2006

What I didn’t realize until I searched for the collection pic after being inspired for this post, is that I had worn it with a white shirt and black fine-knit similar to the runway presentation.

I guess some classics are forever etched in your mind…in your heart…and in your closet.

From the Festival of Canadian Fashion to being celebrated the world over, grazie, eh!

Dsquared2 photo from Style.com.

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