Ultrablack is the new black

God bless the Internet. Without it, we may never stumble upon (and I don’t mean stumble upon) things.

You may catch me reading Vogue, you may occasionally catch me reading Wired (although I was always a Fast Company girl when dot com was still avant-garde to use a fash analogy). However, Wired Science is not in my usual mag repertoire.

That is, until a Twitter pal passed along a link to something scientifically useful and relevant for this space.

Just when you think you’ve mastered the all-black cat burglar/Emma Peel look to professional levels, a new black arrives in town.


That’s right. Ultrablack is blacker than your darkest goth black.

Question is, will there be any left after Ann Demeulemeester, Rei Kawakubo and the Costume National folks are done shopping?

(Thanks to @alancross for inspiring this post.)

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