Fashion Dilemma – Themed Wedding Shower

Remember those complex problems in Math class? The ones where someone was going somewhere (usually a farm of some sort), had X number of sheep to pick up on the way and Y number of things to do when they got there. And you always wondered WHY and how it would be important in your life to solve this equation?

While not a Math gene-ius, I do recall those complex problems and they sort of remind me of fashion dilemmas. I have to go to X and need Y but it can’t be this colour and can’t be too X because of Y and I only have $X to spend but need to wear it again. What’s the solution?

That’s precisely the reason for this new segment. We hope to provide the answers to universal fashion conundrums. With wedding season upon us, I’ll start things off with my own fashion dilemma.

Fash Problem: I have to go to a wedding shower + in the suburbs + in April + with a Hawaiian theme and can’t really afford to buy one of the Gucci tropics looks. How can I look authentic + comfortable + fabulous +/- without spending any money on things specifically for the shower and +/- without looking silly?

Fash Equation: 1. Take a bright, sunshiny white base.


2. Add colour:  deep pink, turquoise, green come to mind for Hawaii. Just bought these raspberry pink pants for Spring (inspiration: Lanvin) and they happen to also fit with the Hawaiian vibe.


3. These sea-blue-green gladiator sandals were scored in London years ago and are a nice contrast to the pink. Plus, I love them.


4. The sum of some fun accessories flowers + beads + natural elements all scored an A+ from the bride and other guests. The coral ring was a gift years ago. The beads and stretch cuff bracelet were also a recent Spring fling purchase and are already winning my heart by matching the pants, which will be perfect for work.


beads  natural-elements

The only things I bought for the shower itself were the flower clips $4 each, on sale at The Bay. And, I can add them to a jacket, bag or even shoes. Mr. Tam (my fave Math teacher) would be so proud.

Have an upcoming event and don’t know what to wear? Submit your fashion dilemma in the comments form and we will find your fashion equation in a future post!

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