Fashion Night – The History

So, it’s the morning after. Well, more precisely, it is a week plus the morning after. But that’s how long it takes to recover from/process what happened on Fashion Night. First, a cheat sheet. 

Fashion NightTM is something the girls and I have been doing for the last 5+ years. We get together each season (Spring and Fall) at one of our abodes to discuss all things mode.

Sounds casual, right? That’s where you would be wrong, gentle reader. This is not your average girls night.

There are the official rules food and drink are involved and require no fussing i.e. where one of us is in the kitchen while the other two discuss the season’s colours or must-haves. That would not do. Food must be fabulous, but not interfere with the main focus of the night. This is where the men come in handy. While they are not allowed to participate (one of them has tried, poor soul) or have direct access to the “war room” table (will explain in a minute) they basically make sure the take-out gets on plates in front of us and make us lovely coffee/tea when the wine/Prosecco runs out.

They are the men behind the women. Note to self: future husband must be able to take care of girls on fashion night has tough competition.

There are other official rules, which I can’t seem to recall. It’ the unofficial ones that make Fashion Night so special, however. The one that says you must come prepared with notes, tabs all over the Spring or Fall books, an agenda of discussion points (sometimes leaked ahead of time via CrackBerries). Cut to the “war room”– large table covered from end to end.

Vogue is a given, both American and British with me adding Vogue India into the mix the past few seasons and delivering my dissertaion on it better than any University thesis, I might add. Elle and Elle Canada (latter is me, again), W, Harper’s Bazaar are usually in the mix, too…with the occasional Flare, InStyle, etc.,  making an appearance. Scattered post-its, ripped out pages (learned from the wrist injury in the second season can only carry so many mags to and fro), laptops (just added), couture samples (more on that in this season’s recap).

So, like I was saying, preparation is key otherwise known as fashion homework. You can’t just show up empty handed canvas bags full of your discussion materials must be in tow (fancy shopping bags don’t hold the weight). Laugh now, but someone was gently asked not to return to fashion night. She was new not to fashion, but to the event and frankly, she couldn’t keep up.

Fashion Night is not for the faint of heart.

We have been known to do entire seasonal buys for retailers, dress celebrities before the Oscars, redesign magazines, predict designer defections. What I’ve liked best is how we’ve seen each of our styles not only evolve, but influence the style of the fashionista sitting next to us. Like the fact that I now like (some!) Frou Frou, that B likes a harder edge and E wants colour! We have opened up each other’s closets both figuratively and literally.

Are we solving World Peace? No. It is a night of pure, uncensored fashion talk, no outsiders, no pretense, no judgement (okay, I judged when the girls each wanted a jumper last season!).

But they don’t have one, do they? That’s the power of Fashion Night.

Details of SS09 Fashion Night.

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