OutNet Launches

NET-A-PORTER, the online locale for all things frivolous and fabulous, gave us another reason to get dressed this morning. They launched the OutNet, the digital equivalent of an outlet store, without the greasy mall food court or slow-moving crowds.

I was afraid to go online when I got their email this morning…but it wouldn’t hurt if I took a peek, right?

Wrong. It hurt.

McQueen Corsage Sandals, 80% off. Be still my beating heart.

  20657_in_l 20657_bk_l

Sold Out. Be still my broken heart.

Alas, I will be back to dream another day.

Love the Dress Me  feature. It’s like playing Barbie all over again  only better. These things are in *your* size.

Pic of McQueen heartbreakers from the OutNet.

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