Fashion Night: Spring/Summer 09

Fashion Night this season was like putting on an old favourite pair of skinny pants and adding a shiny new pair of shoes with the box and tissue still scattered on the floor. It was decadent.

I knew it would be good as soon as I got out of the cab to arrive at E’s. With laptop bag (a fashion night first) over one shoulder, black snakeskin tote carried nonna-style (arm bent, bag tucked inside of elbow, dangling) on the other arm, the tip of my red Michel Perry boots caught the door as I searched the CrackBerry for a buzzer number. Standing before me was a tall gentleman, back turned, also waiting for the door.

As he turned, we both stopped, looked at each other and smiled in familiarity. It was Brian Bailey. “Well hello”, we said in unison. Turns out we were both in the same building visiting friends and neither one of us was being buzzed in (the girls had gotten into the Ripasso, I bet, or were too busy unloading Vogues) to notice my (lack of?) buzz.

Gave me a chance to catch up with Mr. Bailey whom I haven’t seen in about a dozen years. He is still quite the charmer and as warm and genuine as ever. Did the 30 second elevator chat before we parted ways. Told him I started the blog because I missed fashion. The girls were disappointed I didn’t bring him a floor up to join us! Alas, next time.

What a perfect run in for a night of fash fodder. [For those of you just joining us, get a Fash Night primer.]

Takeout: Fancy pants cheese and crackers, rockin’ rotis from Gandhi, complemented by Dufflet’s carrot cake and two kinds of Ripasso + JPG limited edition glass bottle Evian water.


Mags: Vogues British | Anna’s | Paris | India, W, Elle + some mag with the “latest” in Egyptian styles (from the 80s??).

Men Present: Mr. E who sweetly picked up the rotis for us and poured the wine and “pretended” to work quietly beside us. Uh huh.

Closet Choices:

B Dries cropped chunky knit grey sweater + J brand skinnies.

E Helmut Lang one-shoulder, grey, printed top + J brand skinnies.

Me CDG white shirt + drapy black Zara sleeveless top + Zara couture skinnies with ankle zips.

What we learned:

B is over jumpers thank goodness. The intervention took.

I presented the blog to E for the first time she had no idea I was doing this. Gave a full lesson on blogs and Twitter. Non-techie girls like it from a distance but won’t wear it yet. Will read exshoesme, though. Phew!

All agreed on JPG coat dress on Inès from black and white post is divine.

E wants colour (!) we collectively decide it should be yellow. Yellow would complement all the lovely greys she owns. Plus, she is wearing heels now. B and I look at each other in disbelief.

I was worried about weird ice cream colours this season, but am thrilled with jewel and spice tones, along with the black and white. Deep magentas and raspberries have my attention right now. And I will stock up on my greens.

Love the gold accents at Dries (the girls are shocked). The gold is their influence. I usually prefer silver call it a goth remnant.

B gives us the full scoop on designer Barbies in Shanghai and Lane Crawford/outlet shopping in HK. [Will have the full interview on the latter on the blog soon.]

I gave the usual darshan of Vogue India especially the wedding issue with Mrs. Becks on the cover
Spice Girl, indeed...Posh posing for Vogue India
Spice Girl, indeed...Posh posing for Vogue India

B brought sew and tell. She *made* almost-Liberty-print/agnès b-esque frocks. 



Dart Detail
Dart Detail

Those hems are hand-sewn, kids. Indicating how long they take her to make, she gave the best line of the night: “At this point, they might as well be couture.”

The elbow-length gloves are off. E says she will have to step it up next Fashion Night. Can hardly wait!

Dress pics by E. Vogue India cover courtesy of Vogue UK. JPG Evian snap via MrsGooding on Flickr.

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