Meet me on the Med, bring fabulous frills

We’ve seen black and white, we’ve seen big, bold colour and we’ve seen the long and lean and the inbetween. Spring has all the frills we could possibly hope for.

While not usually one for prints, I am suddenly feeling the frou frou…or maybe it’s the Mediterranean memory taking hold?

Portofino left a lasting impression. I can just see this DVF tunic billowing in the Med breezes along with the sails of the boats lined up awaiting the sea-set.


Gelato in hand, I understand – this is no ordinary journey. Will need something with more romance as we sail to Monte Carlo. Waved farewell to Marcello and Alessandro and Umberto and…

There is a new twist to the plot, thanks to Lacroix.


Dancing in diamonds (prints) awaits – with who else but the Prince? Such grace, your Grace.

Diamonds & McQueen - two best friends for every girl.

Adoringly adorned, we venture to Valencia, echoes of ancient Matadors lingering at Lacroix. No bull here – black and white swirls and curls, red ribbon hangs coyly – just the right touch of colour.


The sandy music of Malta beckons and we change our tunic once again, simplifying to Sabyasachi for the stroll.


The brocade border leads us to our next destination. Tunisia welcomes us with drama and energy. Etro’s paisley harem pants fit right in – and are silky enough to negotiate the souks.


Last night on the glistening seas – and McQueen’s golden goddess

takes us home… mcqueen-gold-goddess-ss09


…to Rome, where we return to our day-time self in a Sabyasachi shirt-dress.

And should we run into Yasmin Le Bon at the airport, we can swap stories about the Motherland and her stint for Vogue India over a cappuc!

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  1. May 22, 2009

    Wow.. Now thats What We Call Is So Latest Designs.. Too Good
    The Fall of Fabrics and The Styles are Absolutely Amazing

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