Enlighten Me Satya Paul

I spent most of this weekend in the dark power outage due to the elements. After seeing grey for two days, I needed some intensity, just not in the weather this time. I needed englightenment.

No one else to turn to, but dear Satya Paul.

Wrapped in Mother Earth

This saree blends nature’s four elements in a fury of colour.

A serial modernist, Puneet Nanda pairs a dramatic saree with a streamlined silk jacket. Flourish at no extra charge.

Mataji? Not Me!

Taking it up a notch (or three), Nanda offers up sequins on print, creating a digitized, pixelated effect.

Digitized Diva

The digits get draped in this version. Versace could take lessons in colour from Puneet and his father, Satya Paul himself.

You're into colour, I gather?

There is no coyness here. These clothes say one thing: LIVE. And while you are at it, Do It In Colour!

Satya Paul couldn’t have said it better himself, wise sage that he is. Will do. I’m no longer in the dark…

All images from Satya Paul Fall Winter 2009 collection. Top two images courtesy of Yahoo! India. Bottom two images courtesy of rediff.com.

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  1. June 28, 2009

    those amazing colour combination, those cuts.. really amazing.. i love these designs.

  2. May 22, 2009

    Satya Paul.. I Just Love His Designs. Just Wonderful Prints and Styles. He Is God of Fashion

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