Anna Wintour’s 60 Minutes of Fame

The much anticipated glimpse into the enigma that is Anna Wintour finally aired on 60 Minutes this weekend.

I certainly wasn’t a fan of the tone and the mockery by Morley Safer of the fashion set, but there are good sound bites from Karl, Nicholas Ghesquière and ALT.

You can ignore all the bias, the narration, the Morley…well, because, it’s all about Anna, anyway. You are straining your neck to see who’s in the background with her at the Met gala, who else is at that Vogue conference table [fainting spell], what her green eyes are saying – and hiding – now that we can actually see them.

Having one of the best jobs in the world, your hair and makeup done every day of the week, a $200K annual clothing budget (I thought it would be more? Of course, that doesn’t include the gratis Gucci, Pucci, Fioruccis…) – all  are enviable to say the least.

But it’s her confidence, her instincts that leave me in awe. I agree with Karl, “I like tough people and I like tough women”.

And no matter what she says, I don’t believe for a minute – or 60 – that she will go quietly if she ever leaves the holy land of Vogue.

The state of fashion certainly won’t be quiet if she does.

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