Great style…the better way

Heading home after work on a Friday night, I was ready for the subway gaze. You know it – where you stare off into the nothingness of the blurred landscape of fellow passengers in your train.

Imagine my surprise, when this young lady entered the car. I didn’t want to stare, but her look was so well put together. I had to ask to take her picture for this space – but only had the CrackBerry, which doesn’t capture her look as clearly as I would have liked.

Catherine - rocking out on the TTC

Catherine TTC 2 glow

Style inventory:

Black leggings + black tunic/cardy with grey sketch print + fantastic hair + Rick Owens? boot/zip sandals = obvious goth + 80s inspiration (and I don’t mean new goth, kids – there is some Siouxsie Sioux in there).

Black slouchy bag with gold zip (wasn’t expecting gold)  + high heels + brown shades (another curve thrown in for good measure) = obvious fashionista-ness.

Chunky link cuff bracelet + black panther ring + red manicure and toes = added girly touches to hard rocker edge.


Even better than the great style? The sweet personality to match when I asked to take her picture.

Thanks for enhancing the Toronto fashion landscape, Catherine.

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