Glastonbury Gladrags: Union Jack Flash

The Glastonbury fest is rocking the other side of the Atlantic right now. Brit retailer, Topshop [Sigh. Still waiting for the Toronto Topsop, Bonnie Brooks.] just finished their pieces for the singer of Florence and the Machine.

And, much to my chagrin, Wellies are all over the fashion news again. B & E are giggling to themselves as they read this.

Now if I were to wear Wellies – say, if a Brit musician type asked me to hang backstage at Glastonbury – I’d choose these. [B & E have fallen and can’t get up.]

River Island Rubber Wellingtons

But the after party? I’m going back to my stilts with a blast from the recent past.

Brit Booties by McQueen, who else? FW08
Brit Booties by McQueen, who else? FW08

And the matchy bag? Chanel, natch – from the Paris-Londres 07/08 collection.

chanel bag lc

Now that’s cooooool Britannia, luv.

Wellies photo courtesy of Telegraph UK. Bag photo courtesy of Lane Crawford. McQueen stilts courtesy of

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