Burberry’s New Wave Men

Christopher Bailey has always been a muso. In past interviews and collections, music is often a key inspiration. No wonder then, that Bailey’s Spring 2010 menswear collection had a certain ‘old new wave’ vibe.

I took a walk down memory lane with each runway look from Bailey.

Roddy Frame, is that you? Wavy hair and burnished flight inspired jacket say so.

"I hear your footsteps in the street...won't be long before we meet."
“I hear your footsteps in the street…won’t be long before we meet.”
Roddy Frame doing what he does best - strumming.
Roddy Frame doing what he does best – strumming his guitar.

While the ’80s definitely seem to have inspired this collection, there is an edge here that differentiates this from so many other ’80s homages in fashion of late.

"And the tap drips under the strip light...drip, drip, drip, drip..."
“And the tap drips under the strip light…drip, drip, drip, drip…”
Robert Smith - trendsetter, extraordinaire.
Robert Smith: trendsetter, extraordinaire.

While others have shown the kitsch of the era, Bailey clearly has a love affair with it. It’s a tribute, not a nostalgic sequence.

This is the Modern World
This is the Modern World
The Jam, backstage - captured by twink.
The Jam, backstage as captured by twink.

No bootlegs here, kids. This is the real UK import.

Booted and Suited @ Burberry
Booted and Suited @ Burberry
Fellow muso, Christopher Bailey
Fellow muso, Christopher Bailey

More pics in an upcoming gallery post. [Update Jun 28: View the rest of the gallery.

Burberry photos: Style.com / Roddy Frame photo by Philippe Carly at www.newwavephotos.com / Robert Smith photo from www.slicingupeyeballs.com / Jam photo by Twink, courtesy of www.thejamunseen.com ( I could hang on this site forever.)

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