Ciao Bello!

Scott Schuman AKA The Sartorialist  just did a piece for on the greatest hits of Spring 2010, featuring his usual brilliant photo portraits of,  in this case, men in and around the shows.

The feature is extra special because Scott adds a comment on each man’s style.

This one just had me screaming YES!

Confidence over couture! Photo by Scott Schuman

Florence “What is great style? Sometimes it’s something that’s intangible. I think anyone who looks at the guy would say, ‘He looks great.’ But let’s be honest: The suit’s nice, the shirt’s nice, but it’s really about the hair and the smile, something as easy as having a really genuine style and a relaxed attitude. It’s something that most women really notice. Something like that—spending time working on your own confidence—can be just as worthwhile as spending X amount of money on a new suit.” -Scott Schuman

That sound you just heard? That was “most women” nodding in unison. Sorry girls, but I am claiming this Italian gentleman for myself. Finders keepers.

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  1. Scotty
    July 12, 2009

    Ah the summer is here and the living is breazy…well at least the the hair can be…
    With my barber just off on vacay for a month there lies an invite to attempt some length!

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