Retail Recall: Cozy Cottons at James Perse

Photo by Jean Blais

LA retailer James Perse recently opened up a boutique in Montreal. Known for their cottons stateside for years, this is the first Canadian location for the cajh-wear company.

While I’m not a casual girl by nature, I do appreciate good quality cotton pieces for lounging around, so I added it to my retail pit-stops list on a recent trip to Montreal. Westmount is the perfect neighbourhood and vibe for these pieces, which range from t-shirts in varying shapes to long dresses, pants, loungewear and men’s stuff, too.

The online store apparently also sells furniture (does no one just do one thing anymore?).

The colours are neutral for the most part with the occasional burst here and there. Their neutrals include ultra muted shades of plum, blue and khaki. The cotton is indescribably soft. The cuts are simple, but alas, they weren’t made for curves. The Extreme V Tunic was er, too extreme V for me.


But I’d go back for the pajamas and robes any day. The sales staff were very helpful and had the same make-you-feel-good quality as the clothes.

We left the store refreshed (I’d swear we’d been to the Hamptons!), and in my friend’s case, with a big bag of purchases in tow for her and her hubby-to-be.

There was a hint that a Toronto shop might follow (in Forest Hill, no doubt), but there are no immediate plans at the moment.

4869 Sherbrooke Street West
Westmount Quebec Canada

Tel 514 484 6163

Photos by Jean Blais, courtesy of James Perse.

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