Vogue Australia Turns 50 and other Magazine Musings

Vogue Australia turned 50 and to celebrate their golden anniversary, they turned to Cate Blanchett.

Cate was featured on four different, illustrated covers by David Downton, in fashions by Giorgio Armani, Martin Grant, Balenciaga and my fave cover, Alexander McQueen.

Cate in Balenciaga and Armani, Vogue Australia, September 2009
Cate in Balenciaga and Armani, Vogue Australia, September 2009
Downton draws Cate in Martin Grant and McQueen, Vogue Australia, September 2009
Downton draws Cate in Martin Grant and McQueen, Vogue Australia, September 2009

It’s the bowler hat look from McQueen’s Pre-fall 09 collection in case you are wondering…

And she didn’t disappoint at the fashion fête either, showing up in vintage Ossie Clark.

Photo by Fiora Sacco
Photo by Fiora Sacco

Each version of the September 2009 Aussie Vogue issue will come in a gold box, without the gold price tag to match.

Interesting how the other Vogues are each doing something cutting edge. Vogue Italia recently did the Barbie supplement in the July issue and had that spectacular McMenamy/Meisel shoot in July. [I’ll post photos from Meisel’s latest collaboration with Linda E for the Italian tome later this week!] Vogue India is my must-read each month and it never disappoints. Same for Paris Vogue and British Vogue. Guess those Editors- in-Chic are all in the running for Anna’s job, should she ever leave?

Anna has to step it up, in flats, or otherwise. Cathy Horyn dared to asked the question months before it crossed anyone else’s mind: What’s Wrong with Vogue?

The other Vogues are pushing the limit, even (especially?!) in this recession. And with the second issue of Katie Grand’s Love mag and the fresh I Love You mag hitting Colette any day now, you have to wonder if another blasé celeb cover (supposed to be Charlize Theron – yawn) on American Vogue will be able to compete?

Although, I did read a tweet today that mentioned teen idols have already invaded Katie’s pub. Oh dear, second issue in – this cannot be good. Are teens paying $17 CAD for a mag these days? That’s what Love costs  (not to be confused with what love costs – that is much, much more and a different blog post, entirely).

You’d think with the launch of The September Issue this month, that this year’s September issue would be mind blowing. It’s mind blowing to me that it isn’t.

I miss the mags of years past – the original Details a few iterations in,  British GQ and Arena, and Detour and Taxi. That was the mag heyday. Of course, I’ll still buy Vogue (can’t stop now – have bought almost every issue since 1984), but I can’t say I read it anymore.

How many British countryside photo shoots do we really need in a year? Inspiration is still in vogue, Ms. Wintour…just rarely in your magazine. Your brilliance just needs to be rebooted, preferably by a bootmaker you’ve yet to tell us about.

All images courtesy of Vogue Australia.

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