What Anna Wore and Other Bores

This is what Anna Wintour wore to the movie premiere of the season in NYC earlier tonight.

anna wintour -september-issue-premiere-20

Equally yawn-inducing is this year’s September issue cover.

Sept 09 Vogue Cover with Charlize Theron
Sept 09 Vogue Cover with Charlize Theron

I am not seeing this as a good omen, kids. Anna is on her way out. She looks way too happy and perky in prints. And that cover is so staid and dull, unlike so many other Vogues right now

Hmmm…well she can’t wear crazy prints on Letterman – messes up TV cameras, so let’s see what she dons for her appearance there on Monday.

Tom Ford, are you the new editor of Vogue, or what? My money is on Tom…been saying it for months…you are the only other choice.

Ms. Wintour seems to have lost her mojo, albeit momentarily?

Anna photo courtesy of Just Jared. Cover shot courtesy of Vogue.com.

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  1. August 20, 2009

    I wholly agree with you. Anna what are you wearing? Looks like an orange puppet from Sesame Street threw up on you.

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