Daphne G, You Fascinate Me

Lucy Cavendish interviewed much loved eccentric, Daphne Guinness, in the Saturday edition of the Telegraph UK – one of my fave reads.


The interview gives you a glimpse inside Ms. G’s world…internal and external. I found the piece enlightening and fascinating. It’s great Sunday reading on this side of the pond.


Ms. Guinness was also spotted in Soho recently, looking “invisible” in her own words, and at the Giles Deacon Fashion in Motion event in London in July.

[Update Aug 23:] Jason from Citizen Couture also took a great shot of her in NYC a few months ago…

Love the contrast of the door with the long, lean look she has going on here. This look exemplifies why she is one of my fashion heroes.

Just your average day on the street...
Just your average day on the street...

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