Anna on Dave Letterman Tonight

Don’t forget to set your TiVo, PVR and/or family member to program your old-school VCR. And while you are at it, adjust your yoga schedule, sleep schedule and your life as you know it.

Anna Wintour is going to be on David Letterman tonight.

You heard correctly.

Yes, *this* Anna
Yes, *this* Anna...
...talking to *that* Dave
...talking to *that* Dave

This is all part of Anna’s publicity tour for The September Issue doc. She’s even said to be signing (hold on to something here) t-shirts at a (you better sit down) Macy’s in (stay strong now) Queen’s for Fashion’s Night Out. Full deets on the t-shirt sich are here.

Will post the vid of the Letterman visit later tonight if you miss it.

Photo sources: Anna, Dave.

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