Desi Fashion’s Golden Girl

Anamika Khanna is my soul sister. Being a Khanna is like being a Malhotra – we are the Italian equivalent of pisanes.

Then there’s the kindred spirit thing.

Anamika creates beautiful, edgy, asymmetrical pieces, mixing styles from the west with the decorative eastern arts.

And me, well, I like to wear all of those things – usually together.

These pieces from her Spring Summer 09 collection combined all of those elements and more.

Anamika Khanna's Gladiator Girl
Anamika Khanna’s Gladiator Girl
Wrapped in feminity
Wrapped in femininity
Dress meets anarkali suit
Dress meets anarkali suit

The  dress she did for Sonam Kapoor is still on my mind, too. Anamika is one of the reasons India is enjoying its current Golden Age of fashion.

Anamika ji, you and I need to be friends.

See more Anamika in Bright Lights of Indian Fashion 2 and Déjà Vu: Artist vs. Artist.

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  1. August 29, 2009

    Wow I love the designs, such detail in the embroidery! Can I be part of the circle of friends too? 😉

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