Fashion Dilemma: What to Wear to Work on Monday?

Here I am, Sunday night…and I have no idea what to wear to work tomorrow. It’s that inbetween weather – neither cold nor hot, still sort of summer, but not quite autumn.

So, I avoided thought of it and decided to figure it out tomorrow (read: I’ll be late for work)…opting to catch up on my blog feeds instead.

And, as always, Sart has given me the perfect inspiration by capturing these two looks.

Yasmin Sewell photographed by Scott Schuman
Yasmin Sewell photographed by Scott Schuman
I love the rolled sleeves on the trench, the pairing of simple separates but most of all – the ease of this look – as worn by Liberty’s Yasmin Sewell.

And here, I love the pseudo-jodhpurs in military green, love the vest paired with them and the contrast of the shoe. Again, the ease is the thing here.



So my inspiration for tomorrow? Ease + great pants + levelled layers. Done and dressed.

Photos by the one and only Scott Schuman, otherwise known as The Sartorialist.

While you are there, check out the great shots of Scott and company at his NY book signing by Joe Ferrucci – they seem to have been taken in a different era.

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