Tom Ford is Playing for the Other Team Again: Women

While we love his menswear, his sunglasses, his scent (okay, the scents he created) and his divine film (yes, yes, that post on my time with Tom @ TIFF will follow soon, I promise! Update Oct 5: the post is here…) there is one thing we love more.

And that’s Tom designing for our team. Sit your pencil skirt-ed selves down carefully, for this one.

Tom Ford is rumoured to be launching a womenswear line. If you didn’t take my advice to sit down, you’ve likely fallen over on your stilettos. I’ll wait until you pick yourselves up.

I am not toying with your black-clad hearts, my dears. This is not like past teases. This rumour has some backing – in the form of financial backing being sought by Mr. Ford, to the tune of $50M. Shouldn’t be a big deal, given the distribution deal for A Single Man with the plural Weinsteins, that Tom has just recently pulled off. And, while he was at it,  made back the money he invested in his own film.

That cash might be put to use elsewhere now, say, a gorg new collection for us, his ladies in waiting?

Other parts of the rumour include none other than Alessandra Facchinetti – his head womenswear designer at Gucci – being on board again. I’ve been wondering what she’s been up to since leaving Valentino. Glad that Tom scooped her up before she got picked up by another house that didn’t appreciate her talent.

Oh, and Julianne Moore is said to be his muse, as is Carine, the latter of which goes without saying. The former, wore one of his women’s suits to Venice last week for the film’s premiere.

[Update Oct 21:  A WWD story this morning states that Tom, in Tokyo for the film’s premiere there, has confirmed on the record that the women’s line is a go. He’ll be working with long time biz partner Domenico De Sole, although the pair wouldn’t discuss facts and figures beyond that.]

The cast of A Single Man, wearing Tom Ford, in more ways than one
The cast of A Single Man, wearing Tom Ford, in more ways than one

Thanks to Grazia Daily for the juicy bits and to tinypic for the photo.

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  1. September 24, 2009

    I can’t believe Tom Ford is finally doing a line for women under his own label – let there be light! Now, if only he joined our team permanently!

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