Bugged @ McQueen Spring 2010

It was tweeted, emailed, blogged and buzzed about. The McQueen Spring Summer 2010 show was all anyone could talk about the past few days – it was going to be streamed live so that Lee McQ could bring the power to the fashion people – instead of resting his vision in the hands of the fashion media elite to share with the masses.

Normal, everyday people, going about their normal, everyday lives could have a bit of a McQueen dream along with their afternoon tea, EST.

It was buzzy, alright. And then it was just plain buggy.


Bugs showed up all over the place – in the technical difficulties accessing the stream to the bug optical prints, hair and makeup on the models.

It was a visually interesting show – loved the two cameras on the runway, projecting a mirror image of models walking, so it looked like one long ramp with mulitple models.

The vision was there – McQueen is a showman, after all. The cut, as always, was impeccable. But something was a little ho-hum for me. This show was more about the buzz than the content, itself. With all the pre-show tweets and teasers, I had a different image of the show in my head than what I got.

While the prints were strong, they weren’t as striking as say, the banana yellow dress with black lace overlay he did for Pre Spring 2010, as worn by Drew Barrymore at TIFF recently.

drew in mcqueen tiff 09

It wasn’t the heart-wrenching beauty of Tundra of Fall 03, or the high impact, slap in your face – this is why I love fashion – moment of Fall 09 or the bring tears to my eyes drama of Pre-Fall 09. Not for me, anyway. And you know how I feel about my darling McQueen.

Here are a few visual snacks, nonetheless.

France Fashion
The shoulder story continues at McQueen

Bugged out at McQueen SS10
Bugged out at McQueen SS10
Take me to your reptilian leader.
Take me to your reptilian leader.
Those models earned their money today, walking in these babies.
Those models earned their money today, walking in these babies.
Sashayed Sash Jacket at McQueen
Sashay + Sash at McQueen
Lee McQ
Lee McQ

Watch the full video.

Images courtesy of daylife.com and catwalking.com. Drew photo courtesy of JustJared.com.

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