Yohji Yamamoto Files for Bankruptcy

There was no easier way to tell you than to just blurt it out.

Yohji Yamamoto, genius fashion designer, has filed for bankruptcy. It’s true. Bloomberg reported yesterday that the Japanese business would be affected, having debts of $67 million USD.

Shortly after the news, Integral Corporation issued a press release, indicating they had “entered into a sponsor agreement to invest in the internationally respected, high-end clothing brands, Yohji Yamamoto Inc. and Limi Yamamoto Inc [Yohji’s daughter’s line]. Following approval and signing of agreements, Integral’s special purpose company will become the new Yohji Yamamoto Inc.”

The company will continue to operate in Japan during the restructuring. Yohji will continue to work with Adidas on the Y-3 line.

Sad news for Japan and the rest of the free world. His designs have influenced and inspired us for decades.

Here’s hoping his company – and his spirit – can be saved. [Update Oct 12: our fashion prayers have been answered. Yohji Rocks On!]

The only way we want to see Yohji in the red. A look from Fall 09.
The only way we want to see Yohji in the red. A look from Fall 09.
Yohji Yamamoto, Fashion Genius
Yohji Yamamoto

Photo sources: Yohji, Fall 09 look.

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