Bright Lights of Indian Fashion 1

As I get ready for Diwali, Festival of Lights, I thought it only fitting to feature a couple of bright lights of Indian fashion.

First up are Rahul Khanna and Rohit Gandhi, designers for Cue.

The pair showed muted sand and rose tones for Fall, with asymmetrical detailing and rich fabrics, creating highly wearable pieces for men and women.

striped tunic at cue aw09
Stripped down softness at Cue AW09
Cashmere and crstals at Cue FW09
Cashmere and crystals at Cue AW09
Why zig when you can zag...
Why zig when you can zag…
City rose at Cue AW09
City Rose at Cue AW09
Same Detail on men's jacket
Smart Sandy
Soft modern at Cue AW09
Soft modern at Cue AW09
soft flares
Soft flares and rich fabrics at Cue AW09
Easily the best knit of the season.
Easily the best knit of the season, by Rahul Khanna & Rohit Gandhi for Cue AW09

Photos courtesy of Yahoo! India, except for top image which is courtesy of Rediff.

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