Tarjhay Targets Gaultier – Update

JPG is the latest visionary designer to collaborate with US bargoon retailer, Target.

The rumour’s been brewing for a while, but the rumour mill was based around the Go International line by the retailer. This is a bonafide Designer Collaboration, celebrating the American woman. (Um, thanks but what about the rest of us?)

The line will hit 250 stores across the US ( and presumably online – but we all know how the McQueen thing turned out for me).

The date to enter in your BlackBerries is March 7, 2010.

I have to be honest with you…I’m getting a little more than bored with the collaborations…the quality seems to be deteoriating.

My fave one is still Stella for H&M – the quality was unbeatable – 100% wools and cottons, great workmanship and even biodegradable bags. It was 360-degree Stella. Others since have been marketing cash grabs without the substance to fully back it up.

But let’s see what JPG can do. He is going from the ultimate in luxury -Hermès  to Tarjhay. It will be an interesting transition to watch.

JPG red, white and blue ad campaign, 2007
JPG red, white and blue ad campaign, 2007

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