Gareth Doth Scareth for Spring

Paris Fashion Week got a dose of the grim for Spring 2010 by a gent named Gareth Pugh.

Just in time for L’Halloween, the sombre greys, monastic robes and feathered head-gear scared us silly into thinking we could never wear brights and lights for the season, again.

But alas, life is all about the grey areas, ‘innit?

Catching the red eye for Paris Fashion Week - Gareth Pugh SS10
Catching the red-eye for Paris Fashion Week
Linear Ladyhawke at Gareth SS10
No peripheral vision. Who needs to see when you look this good?
Gareth Pugh SS10
Modern goth at Gareth Pugh
Gareth PUgh SS10
Laced, fringed and feathered. Now if only I could see…
Gareth Pugh SS10
Cowl + scowl = dressed.
Laura Laine illustration
Illustration by Laura Laine for Gareth Pugh
Gareth Pugh SS10
Oooh, shredded skinnies and a long wispy jacket. Me likey.
Muted greys get the regal treatment.
gareth pugh ss10
Pretty close to couture, if you ask me. Sheer artistry.
gareth pugh ss10
On my list for Spring 2010. Rich, grey, layered Love.
gareth pugh ss10
I’ve got a headache and it’s got THISHEADDRESS written all over it.
gareth pugh ss10
Would love to wear this sweater on a breezy day.

All images courtesy of Getty.

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