Fashion Radar

I needed an Illy this afternoon, so went for a stroll. I decided to take a detour and check out a nearby Winners first.

I noticed a fresh shipment of gloves and scarves, so passively walked over. It took about seven seconds to unearth a beautiful pair of butter-soft leather gloves from Portolano – maroon, cashmere lined ones. I have the same pair in brown, bought from Holt’s years ago at more than double the price.


I see another pair of black ones with silver studs and they immediately remind me of this illusive studded jacket that I’ve seen on a few different fashion nights out with B in recent weeks.

Enter dream sequence…

I first saw it on a chic girl at the Coco & Igor gala at TIFF (don’t think I ever posted that review, did I? Must do that…). She and her friend looked expensive, in B’s words. We couldn’t place the designer but figured it was a name we’d “ooh” at.

I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at the jacket when the lights went back on during the Q&A. Long, loose, boyfriend-ish, with a studded lapel.

Then it appeared again – only last week – at a Holt’s party we inadvertently walked into. Actually, B declared our purpose to the doorman and we strolled right in. Must have been the Masi, because my B is shy.

Hey, we crashed for a good cause – a charitable one. So, while we were deciding what to bid on, a sweet young thing walked by with the coveted jacket.

A-ha. It must be from Holt’s since one of their very own was sporting one, n’est-ce pas? So I walked over, complemented her and asked whether it was from the store. She motioned for me to come closer, covered her mouth with her hand so no one could lip-read from a distance. “It’s from Zara!” she said in a screamed whisper.

Wow – I couldn’t believe it. I told B and pouted – thinking it was long gone, knowing from my first Zara experience in Madrid that nothing lasts in that store for more than five minutes before being scooped up.

Exit dream sequence…

So, I picked up the studded gloves and put them back down with a sigh. That jacket was from Zara – so why was I thinking of it, standing in Winners? Shook my head at my lack of proper memory.

I still had a few minutes to spare so decided to look for nothing in particular, cutting through the trends section – wandering, really.

And then my mouth dropped open. Right there in front of me – a full rack of the same studded jacket.


Mixed with some Michel Perry boots (fresh from a recent sojourn to Paris) and leggings or skinnies, it will rock.

How purrrfect is it that Chrissie Hynde’s voice filled the store, just as I was paying for it?

“Don’t get me wrong…if I come and go like fashion…”

Fashion radar had honed in again.

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