When Worlds Collide

A short moment ago, while out for an Internet stroll, my head exploded.

I received a link via @susiebubble to the Doc Martens shoes and boots designed by Raf Simons and instantly, my worlds collided.

Sigh. My thoughts flashed back to the boys in Docs we used to gush over in school (never wore them myself – pointy shoes are part of my genetic makeup).

Then of course, Fi popped into my mind. She was likely gushing at a different group of boys in Docs in a different part of the city and would either love OR hate the fact that they now come in metallic. I’m betting my shopping Euros on hate…

The head explosion, however, was caused by the fact that my then-preppy friend B, who now covets all things Japanese and recently scored the shorter version of these Yohji Docs, would love these.

Now, B, I know they are a side project to redesign Brit classics by a Belgian who is currently designing for a German house and that your current closet is Just Japanese…but surely, there is a spot for these?

Silver and Gold Doc Marten boots by Raf Simons
Shiny Objects - Doctor Martens by Raf Simons
Silver and Gold Doc Marten monkstrap shoes by Raf Simons
Metallic Monkstraps by Raf Simons
Two-tone Doc Marten boots by Raf Simons
A nod to the two-toned riding boot perhaps? Raf Simons riding Docs?
Two-tone Doc Marten shoes by Raf Simons
Raf Simons: Setting the gold (and silver!) standard for coolness.

All photos courtesy of Raf Simons.

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