Anna: Glamour Goddess, Government Employee?

Ms. Wintour for President? Not quite…but she has been selected amongst other “entertainers” as an appointee to the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities, as announced last week by the White House.

Anna and Mich are like this [imagine intertwined fingers here], so this is as nach as a classic Burberry trench with a killer, pointy stiletto boot. Not expected, but oh, so gorge together.

I have a feeling that the committee’s role is going to extend beyond the expansion of arts in society. Fashion is an art, right?

Anna Wintour, White House Social Secretary, Desiree Rogers, her daughter, Victoria Rogers, and Anna's offspring, Bee Shaffer at New York Fashion Week Fall 09 shows: a sign of things to come?
Barack: I got Anna for the Committee. Michelle: Oh, B, that's the best thing you've ever gotten me!

And no, she is not leaving Vogue….yet.

Images sources: one, two.

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