All I want for Christmas is… Mini Karl!

Dear Santa:

I  know that I don’t officially celebrate Christmas. So technically, I’ve never asked you for anything.

Getting to the point…I have only one thing on my list this year…

The Karl tokidoki doll. Could you please pick one up on your way through Paris? It’s available at Colette. Thank you!

Love and chocolate chip cookies (organic, homemade ones!),  Jyotika

Just what I've always wanted...a Karl Lagerfeld action figure!
Karl - ready for any fashion emergency!

“I am very flattered that I became a tokidoki, I always loved them and I am happy to be one of them” – Karl Lagerfeld

Simone Legno of tokidoki with Uncle Karl

Karl, as personified by Tokidoki
Mini Karl, in the infamous mannequin pose of Real Karl

Images courtesy of tokidoki.

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