Esquire or Esquared?

Everyone knows I have a bit of a magazine habit. Call it a weakness for words and pretty pictures. I love collecting special issues and drop in regularly to see my friends at Maison de la Presse.

Imagine my delight upon seeing this on a recent visit: the Chinese edition of Esquire magazine.

Esquire Magazine: the boxed set.

Ooh, a gift box for me? You totally should have!

It really was like opening a present, with a multitude of layers.

Esquire Magazine, Chinese Edition

And after all that de-layering, a reward: great features inside.

No, I don’t read Chinese…but I can enjoy the pretty pictures!

(I know, I know the packaging was excessive…but I am keeping the box + mag and the plastic is now recyclable where I live! And I brought it home in my Envirosax bag.)

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