Fashion Night Countdown

It’s Friday at last!

TGIF. Thank God, It’s Fashion Night!

Us fashion girls are late this season, but like B says, it’s never too late to talk fashion! Could it possibly top the last?

Not sure what I’m talking about? Take the FN101 course first.

Lots on my agenda:

  • My re-obsession with gothentic things. Not sure it ever left, actually.
  • Ruby and raspberry and russet.
  • White shirt + jodhs + vest. Discuss.
  • Who’s left in the non mainstream?
  • The menswear shoe.
  • The Indian influence on pants this season.
  • Paris
Jyotika's Fashion Night Agenda

B’s list will likely include a few of these:

  • I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese. I really think so, think so, think so, think so…
  • Kinda couture – the dress, evolved. Liberty prints, here I come!
  • Doc Ms
  • Fashionable celeb recipies
  • I’m guessing the above and am not privy to the rest of her list as yet – what would be the fun?

Full recap after the event!

God bless Fashion Night!

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