Bloggers in Vogue?

Rumours have been frolicking around the wonderful wide web that a few famous fashion bloggers will be featured in the March issue of Vogue.

Word is that the likes of Tommy Ton, Bryanboy, Sart, Garance and Face Hunter have been asked to sign a confidentiality agreement so they don’t blab/blog about it before Anna gets her printed 2 cents in.

Writing about fashion - old school no more.

Guess Ms. Wintour has Googled the word “blog” and is over her fear of the digital realm?

She still doesn’t think our editorial is worthy of her standards, however.

Us bloggers see things with different eyes. Manish Arora, SS07 photo.
The web is an intricate place for many patterns, colours and voices. Manish Arora, SS07 photo

I don’t know, Your Editor-ness, I did have couture dreams the other night. Our paths may cross yet…

See you around, Anna. Manish Arora, SS07 photo.

Images courtesy of Manish Arora.

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