Daphne Guinness: For Sale

So, as I mentioned earlier this week, Daphne Guinness has been hawking a few products lately.

On December 5th, she was dripping in diamonds, celebrating her collaboration with David LaChapelle on an ad campaign for Maybach, the ultra luxe cars by Mercedes-Benz, (pronounced mai-bakhh).

Here is how the spot was made, with Ms. G in a starring role.


Daphne also collaborated with Comme des Garcons earlier this Fall on a perfume for the brand. Here’s the spot for that one. (I don’t know about you – but I find it a little eerie.) [Update Dec 18: Thanks to one of my readers, Michaela, for this correction: the short film was inspired by the collab with CDG – and is not a spot for the perfume. See Michaela’s comment below.]


And we’re not done yet. There’s more Daphne G to come next week…

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  1. Michaela
    December 18, 2009

    Just a little side note…. The scent illustration film was not for Comme des Garcons, but was rather inspired by the collaboration with Comme des Garcons. It was a separate project — not an advertisement. It was an art project to illustrate scent and memory.

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