Resolution or Revolution?

It’s a New Year, my fashion friends. Put on your shiny new outfit and…

Resolve…to sparkle.

"Christmas Girl" by Lauren Bishop

Resolve to…never forget tradition and where you came from.

"India" by Lauren Bishop

Resolve to…travel, to do and learn something new.

Illustration for London Fashion Week by Lauren Bishop

Resolve to…be beautiful – inside and out.

"The Luxe" by Lauren Bishop

These beautiful illustrations are the work of Lauren Bishop, based in the UK.  They inspired me as I kicked off my year, so I asked Lauren…

JM: What inspires you?
LB: I am inspired by many things – fashion photography, pattern, textile prints, nature, the female figure, interior design and graphic design. Other illustrators who inspire me are Jason Brooks and Jasper Goodall, amongst others.

JM: How long have you been doing fashion illustration?
LB: I have been working as a freelance fashion illustrator for about five years now.

JM: What will be your personal fashion must-have, as you head into 2010?
LB: Fashion must haves for me this year are – anything from Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 jewelry line, anything turquoise and a gorgeous ruffled dress.

Here’s to ruffles, rich tussar silks, pointy, pointy shoes, the continuity of couture, burgeoning young designers in their studio flats sewing until the wee hours, to trailing black gowns, diamond spider webs and drool-worthy mughal jewels and all the other fantastical, inspirational, gasp-causing, lip-biting accoutrements that make up the intricate fashion web.

Here’s to thousands more of them this decade!

Will your voice be part of that fashion revolution?

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