Jacket Required

Let’s face it. Fashion is fickle.

Certainly not faceless fashion at Rajesh Pratap Singh FW09

While we women may dabble in a trend here, a fad there, some key fashion staples hold our closets in place.

One of those binders is the jacket, or blazer (a term my Brit friends love to hate).

Great jackets were all over the collections for FW09, and into Spring and Pre-Fall 2010. [Incidentally, my visual senses aren’t there yet so I will catch up on the best of both those seasons as the weather starts to change and you lot are psychologically prepared to digest them.]

While I love classic lines, a suit or a jacket needs to have some sort of a twist to make it un-boring. A jacket needs to have impact.

The un-boring jacket @ Rajesh Pratap Singh

The impact was certainly intact at Rajesh Pratap Singh’s FW09 show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

Reminds me of Rothko - be your own abstract expressionist.

These jackets embrace you, play up your strengths, tell a story and still remember your curves.

The long...
...and the short of it.

In each of these cases, a jacket is definitely required.

Images courtesy of WLIFW.

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