New Model Army @ Burberry

Roll call.

Christopher Bailey?

Present, sirs!

"You say you want a revolution...Well, you know..." -Beatles

Mr. Bailey continues to Show Up, time and time again, with utter and total presence.

His men’s FW10/11 show in Milan was true to form – and will likely become the uniform for gentleman the world over.

"And a corporal sneers at a catholic boy. And he eyes his gun like a rich man's toy. He's killing more than celtic joy." -Aztec Camera
"Tore down the House of Commons in your brand new shoes..." - The Jam
"There are no frontiers that we can't cross tonight." -The Alarm

Bailey’s men are not over-the-top suited power players or grungy vagabonds or the cashmere elite.

His are a new model army of modern, everyday gentlemen, be they rock stars or the divine digerati.

"We are not young and beautiful, we are not rich and bold. And we are not your people who bought the dreams you sold." -New Model Army
"Did you see the stylish kids in the riot? We were shovelled up like muck. Then set the night on fire. Wombles bleed truncheons and shields. You know I cherish you my love." -The Libertines

This man knows what he is doing – paying such great respect to the rich traditions at Burberry (which include the trenches of World War I) and making clothes for men (and women) that are still fresh, interesting and highly covetable.

"Your friends all pass for life is just a market. But you have to finish everything you started. So I live my life tearing down the runway. Sure to get the hang of hanging in there someday. Don't let go the coat." -The Who
"Why don't you walk away? The sun won't swallow the sky. Why don't you walk away? Statues will not cry." -Franz Ferdinand

These are not costumes for parties and the fashion set. These are perfect, tailored elements for the film set of everyday life.

"I'm sleeping in a battle ship. I'm sleeping in a submarine. I'm sleeping in a fighter plane. I'm sleeping going down the drain." -Arcade Fire

They are uniforms for the fight against the plain, the mundane and the bland, without being grand.

"But the freak, and his type, all for nothing. He misses a step and cuts his hand, but showing nothing, he swoops like a song. She cries: Where have all Papa's heroes gone?" -David Bowie
"And before you abuse, criticize and accuse, walk a mile in my shoes." -Bryan Ferry

At attention we stand, Mr. Bailey. At attention, we stand.

"There's a guy in my block, he lives for rock. He plays records day and night. And when he feels down, he puts some rock 'n' roll on. And it makes him feel alright. And when he feels the world is closing in, he turns his stereo way up high." -The Kinks

All images of Burberry Menswear FW10/11 courtesy of Fashionising.

Image captions are a gift to Mr. Bailey, a fellow muso. Each is attributed to the band that wrote the lyrics. If you don’t know these words or bands, get thee to Google.

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