Social Media Week Toronto

If you’ve been wondering why my fashion posts haven’t been daily lately, it’s because I’ve been immersed in the flurry of activity that is Social Media Week Toronto.

Part of a global, simultaneous event happening in six cities – New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Sao Paolo, London and Toronna – it’s a week-long series of events around digital culture happening Feb 1-5, 2010 .

There is such great momentum, such great energy and knowledge in this city. What this event does is that it merges worlds – creative, business, digital, cultural – something I’ve always believed in very strongly.

So, when my friend @elisinger asked me to co-organize the Toronto event, I knew I had to be involved. We’ve reached out to the community to create events, but have curated many of our own as well.

Lots to choose from…how social media impacts the written word…an online story about social media and relationships….reach and remix – a night where four DJs will talk about social media spin – then actually spin…and so many others…

Take a look at the full schedule or follow @smwto on Twitter. Registrations are going fast – you’d think it was Boxing Day at the McQueen outlet.

So what does this have to do with fashion, you ask? Well darlings, it’s always been fashionable to be social, n’est pas?

…but of course there will be a fashion related event, too. More to follow on that soon, I promise, along with a killer media event – both of which I’ll be moderating.

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