City Chic

…or is it City Chick? Either way, Bottega Veneta – the name synonymous with sophisticated, understated yet luxe glamour – has us covered.

Their Resort 2010 collection was one of the best this year in terms of wearable and wanted wardrobe.

These are just amazing clothes for doing just about anything in.

Skinnies don’t always have to be skin-tight and are updated in chocolate, instead of the usual black. Pairing them with a clunky platform sandal, draped knit top and the cropped leather jacket, all in a slightly looser silhouette, softens the look but can work in any city.

I love the varying shades of cocoa and the textured bag. Bottega still makes the best totes.

Anything but boring brown. Perfect for a day in any city.

You can wear these items on holiday and just as easily, while picking up tulips and tea bags on Saturday morning.

Black and white is a continuing theme for Spring (and let’s face it – during each season) but Bottega updates it with multiple, optical patterns on this day dress.  The belt, heels and red bag add the perfect punctuation marks.

The city strut - at Bottega Resort 2010.

What I love most about the collection is the interchangeability between day and evening wear.  These looks would work just as well for market shopping in Marrakech as they would for a birthday cocktail party in Brussels.

This striped and layered dress mixes one of my favourite colour combinations – brown with red…

"Open your eyes. Day for night. Look what you done to me." - Bryan Ferry

…and then there was the more daring mix of aqua blue with deep red. I’d stop there and nix the green clutch.

Punch of colour at Bottega.
A variation of colour - still in the jewel box.

The accessories spoke for themselves in most looks – a great bag, shoe or belt adds perfection. I loved the ease of this dress with a low-slung twisted belt.

Hip to be hip-slung.

If jewellery is added, it’s bold and present – but the bag gets downsized.

Bubbles and baubles at Bottega.

I adore the empire waist on this little number.

The empire strikes back.

Also, purple and brown are back in my colour palette to be remixed soon-ish.

You know, that’s what looking at these collections is about. We can’t all afford Bottega (we aspire to one day!) and it’s not about seasonal trends. It’s about getting inspiration where you can.

This collection inspired me to rethink my all-black colour palette. Brown is a great baseline to start with. I don’t normally do dresses, but I’m loving the ease of these shapes and proportions so will try a few for summer. I like the looser, easier cardigans and jackets, too.

I know now that I need a coffee/mocha/cocoa tote for the season.  I might even do a platform sandal (clunky is usually not my vibe)!

That’s what seasons are all about – playing, re-inventing yourself and just being (a) cool city chic(k).

Out for a stylish stroll in the city.

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